The theme of the restaurant is "Where Awesome Parents Go," but that may not be the case in at least one instance.

A fight at a children's themed restaurant resulted in two arrests and a police officer getting hit in the face.

No one has said why - at least publicly - but New Hartford Police say a fight broke out at the Chuck E. Cheese on Commercial Drive over the weekend between 24-year old Cory J. Meulengracht of Lennox Avenue in Utica and 46-year old Duane L. Damphier of Whitesboro Street in New York Mills.  According to police witnesses say the two had a verbal argument that became physical.

Staff broke up the fight and called police.  During questioning Meulengracht allegedly hit an officer in the face.  Police say he then resisted arrest but was eventually taken into custody.

Meulengracht now faces charges of disorderly conduct, harassment, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental administration.  He was brought to the Oneida County Jail in lieu of $1,000 bail.

Damphier is facing a disorderly conduct charge and was released pending a future court appearance.

New Hartford Police have confirmed to WIBX that the officer who was hit did not sustain serious injury and did not miss any work as a result of the Meulengracht's alleged actions.

Maybe it's all just too much fun, frivolity, and pizza but here are some other fights at the eatery's locations ll around the country:

Is Chuck E. Cheese a "hot spot" for such fights?  ABC News' Nightline filed this report in 2012?





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