How often do you take the time to really enjoy the beauty of The City of Utica? Some people may say there is nothing beautiful about Utica at all, but after viewing these photos, their minds may be changed.

Rocco LaDuca is a former crime reporter for The Utica Observer-Dispatch and he is the one who captured these spectacular images from atop the State Office Building in downtown Utica. He says,

It was mind-blowing to suddenly realize that the hundreds of stories I've written over the years, some very sad stories indeed, could have all occurred within the majestic scene that unfolded all around me. Being above it all at that one moment, I couldn't leave without taking with me as many images as I could to show just how beautiful, peaceful and real Utica really is within the heart of Mohawk Valley.

Enjoy these bird's eye view shots of our amazing city!