So, you already know there will be some really strong dudes at The Guy's Expo in the arm wrestling competition, and there will be some other buff men there in the CrossFit Challenge, and also some hot and hungry men taking part in the eating contest.

But, don't forget about the guys whacking their balls a long way in the Long Drive Golf Competition. Watching the guys "grip it and rip it" will also be a blast. Former Cedar Lake pro Jay Catalano, one of the leading golf instructors in Central New York, will be hosting this event all day. His golf computer and screen can simulate everything from a driving range to a fairway at a famous golf course. One of those scenes will provide the backdrop for the Long Drive Competition.

Someone will walk away with a big screen TV.

Each competitor will get a few swings on the simulator. The best part is: accuracy doesn't matter, just distance.

And, even if the long driving is not your thing, there IS another payoff. Catalano promises he will give free 5-minute golf lessons and tips all day long to anyone who is interested. So, if you're trying to iron out a wrinkle in your game, stop by and say hi to Jay and he'll help you out.

The Guy's Expo, presented by Lincoln Davies Building Supply, is noon-5pm this Saturday, September 22nd at the Adirondack Bank Center.


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