Albany, NY (WIBX) - A bill to make the killing of Emergency First Responders a first degree murder offense cleared the State Senate. Mark's Law, co-sponsored by Senator Joseph Griffo, seeks to punish those convicted of such a crime, with the toughest penalty allowed by law ... Life without parole.

In a released statement, Griffo said, "Murdering someone who's chosen vocation is to take and make emergency life-saving actions is particularly heinous. These personnel are on the scene to help and attend to any injuries whether they are victims or perpetrators. This measure recognizes this fact and strives to make sure that anyone who targets them will face the severest penalties under our criminal law."

The bill was named in honor of Mark Davis, the Emergency Medical Technician who was killed while responding to a call for help in 2009. The bill is now headed for a vote in the state assembly.