There's no need to 'wine' any longer - Brimfield Farm Winery in Clinton is reopening for the 2022 season. Thank goodness.

Get your wine fix this summer at a venue featuring wines with great flavor in addition to spectacular views. The farm will be reopening for the season on April 20, 2022. That means you can visit their tasting room sooner rather than later.

The farm has been in the Hughes family for 100 years. The farm was purchased in October of 1918 by Richard and Nina Hughes. Upon Richard's retirement, his son Bud operated the farm until 1982. John and Patricia have operated and maintained the farm since 1982, according to the farm's website.

Brimfield Farm works with a "highly respected estate" in the Finger Lakes to create these delicious wines in both sweet and dry form, red and white, that "will please the most scrutinizing palate."

On top of selling their wines, during a tasting you can create your own cheese board, using local businesses like Jake's Gouda Cheese and Grassy Cow Cheese Curds, with pepperoni and crackers.

This place has had nothing but good reviews on social media, so you'll definitely want to add it to your 2022 bucket list.

The tasting room at Brimfield Farm is open 7 days a week from noon until 7 p.m. starting April 22 and running for the season until October 31. For more details regarding tastings, events and more, find them at

Check out their wine list below!

Wine List (From Dry to Sweet)

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Pinot Noir SOLD OUT


A dry red wine with flavors of sweet red cherry and black raspberry and hints of clove and ripe plum on the front palate.

School House Red


A dry full bodied barrel aged blend of Cabernet Franc and DeChaunacwith  aromas of vanilla and blackberries  mingled together.



Sweet red fruits on the nose and candied raspberries on the palate with flavors of strawberries and cherries on the finish.

Limited Release Catawba


 Mild berry and fresh fruit notes with a bright smooth finish.



A pleasing floral bouquet and ripe fruit flavors greet the nose. Taste the fruity characteristics of strawberries, cherries and peaches in this blush.

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