President Donald Trump's 2018 budget proposal cuts for cuts to various programs including slashing 13.5% in education funding, equaling more than $9 billion.

New York Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says he's concerned about the impact to funding of state education programs and released the following statement and chart regarding President Trump's plan:

“The budget proposal President Trump has released would end public education as we know it in New York. I am greatly concerned that at a time when school districts are finally receiving the funding they need for vital programs, this budget would dramatically slash federal funding and would eliminate vital programs at-risk students need to succeed.   Valuable summer programs and before and after school programs; programs designed to reduce class sizes; college aid programs for the disadvantaged; and community school programs that benefit low income students would be eliminated.  Funding for programs like the Career and Technical Education diploma that I have been advocating for, as well as adult literacy and English Language Acquisition programs would be significantly cut.  I urge all our members of Congress representing New York to rise and deliver an emphatic no to this extremely short-sighted plan that threatens to block the pathways to success for some of our most vulnerable students.”

via NYS Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi
via NYS Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

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