People in the Utica-Rome area are breaking the skin scratching their heads over another significant increase in gas prices. It seems without good reason, the prices at the pump continue to go up daily.

AAA released their weekly report on regional gas prices Monday and on it, it showed an eight cent increase for Regular Unleaded gas from this time last week. The new average cost total of $2.92 is up from $2.84 last Monday. That's a total of a little over a cent a day. Anecdotally, you can drive by a gas station in the area in the morning and it will be one price and it's not uncommon to drive by later on in the day to see that price has increased.

When you take a look at the month long increase in gas prices, you will see that there was a significant increase over that time period as well. AAA says a month ago the average Utica-Rome Regular gas price was $2.63. That's a 29 cent spike to where it is now. Last year at this time, the Regular Unleaded price was $2.52. The prices did go down drastically around this time last year due to the Pandemic being relatively new then and a significant decrease in travel due to shutdowns.

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The increase in prices weren't exclusive to Regular Unleaded fuel. Premium and Diesel fuel also saw a significant increase. Premium fuel costs increased by thirteen cents in the last week and roughly thirty cents in the last month. Diesel fuel saw an increase of six cents in the last week and eighteen cents in the last month. You can get a full rundown of all fuel prices across the state and country on the AAA website.

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