You'd never know it by looking at this somewhat hidden stream in Poughkeepsie, but it's loaded with a mysterious fish that has been boggling scientists for centuries.

The CBS Sunday Morning Show traveled to the City of Poughkeepsie to go hunting for fish with electronic poles. The segment, hosted by correspondent Conor Knighton, focused on the "unknowable mysteries" of fish that are hiding just below the water's surface.

Anyone familiar with the Hudson Valley immediately noticed the segment's location as it panned across the Hudson River, catching the Mid Hudson Bridge and Walkway Over the Hudson. The camera closed in on a small stream just off the river that may not be quite as recognizable.

To those with a keen eye, the spot is the end of the Fall Kill, located between the Children's Museum and the entrance to the Walkway Over the Hudson's elevator.

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The Fall Kill is actually a long creek that begins in Hyde Park and Clinton and runs for 38 miles, finally ending at the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie. The end of the creek flows directly under a bridge on North Water Street and is accessible from Upper Landing Park.

That's where CBS Sunday Morning caught up with Chris Bowser, the Education Coordinator for the New York State Department of Environmental Education. Bowser and his team proudly showed off the Hudson Valley's mysterious eel population.

With a simple electric shock from a pole, dozens of eels magically rose to the surface. Some were huge and slippery, while others were small and thin. The one thing they all have in common is that they have traveled over 1,000 miles just to be here.

The fascinating segment shows how all of the Eels located in the Fall Kill Creek slither great distances just to mate, something that has never been observed in the wild. That's right. To this day scientists are still boggled as to how the eels wiggling around in this small Poughkeepsie creek reproduce.

There have been all sorts of wild theories, but the Eels' sacred breeding ground in the Bermuda Triangle has yet to actually be discovered.

You can check out the fascinating segment below.

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