Utica, NY (WIBX) - A long standing lawsuit has finally come to an end for two organizations. The Oneida-County Solid Waste Management Authority settled the Clean Water Act lawsuit against them that was brought on by Adirondack Communities Advisory League.

The lawsuit was filed in 2006 after gallons of mud and debris flowed into Moose Creek during construction of the Ava Landfill facility. According to Carl Dworkin, the attorney representing ACAL, the settlement also requires a $65,000.00 payment from Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Management Authority.

Dworking said the Clean Water Act lawsuit was about holding polluters  accountable. In a released statement Dworking, of Nolan & Heller Law Firm in Albany said, "The Clean Water Act gives all citizens the right to hold to account private and public entities when there are pollution events. This settlement is a victory for citizens everywhere and reaffirms pollution reinforcement by individuals. ACAL hopes that there will be no further pollution by the Authority in the future, so that it will not be necessary to again pursue the Authority for Clean Water Act violations."

According to ACAL the money will be used to monitor the health of Moose Creek, create an environmental scholarship program, and continue their work to protect the environment.

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