COVID-19 numbers have remained steady, but despite an increase in vaccination availability another county resident is dead as a result of this virus.

The number of positive COVID-19 cases in Oneida County has increased over the weekend by 87. 48 positive cases were added on Saturday and 39 new cases were added Sunday. That brings the total number of active positive cases to 460, as of Sunday.

Unfortunately, Oneida County officials announced one new COVID-19 related fatality. 414 county residents have passed away as a result of this virus since the Pandemic began.

When it comes to hospitalizations, officials announced 16 county residents hospitalized in the county. 15 residents are hospitalized at MVHS and 1 is hospitalized at Rome Health. Two county residents are hospitalized outside the county and of all those hospitalized, 6 are nursing home residents.

The number of vaccinated Oneida County residents will be updated by Oneida County officials today. As a result of an increase in vaccines, more businesses are opening up and restrictions for restaurants and bars are beginning to loosen. Effective today bars & restaurants will be allowed to stay open a little bit longer. Capacity limits have not changed, but eateries will be able to stay open an hour later. Before closing time was 11PM and now businesses can stay open until midnight.

As we continue to battle to make sure everyone stays healthy, out of the hospital and alive health officials are encouraging the continuation of hand hygiene, face coverings and social distancing. The restart of some sort of normalcy has begun.

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