An iconic Syracuse bar that helped usher in the craft brew craze, may be about to close.  Don’t blame COVID, the problem is a lease agreement. The Blue Tusk in Armory Square opened in 1995 in what they refer to as the "Great Craft Beer Revolution." 

According to their website, The Blue Tusk began with just three beers on tap, a large selection of artisan beers, fine wines, and cigars. Their stated mission was to provide tasty heady refreshment and gourmet munchies.

Twenty-two years, three expansions, and 66 more craft beers on tap later we are proud to say The Blue Tusk mission is going strong

Unfortunately, twenty-six years later it may all be coming to an end. In a story first reported by, the bar and the management company operating the property are at an impasse over the lease agreement. The articles quotes owner Tim Yorton, as saying the bar has been operating on a monthly lease for three years. When new property owners took over and increased rent, they agreed to a three year lease but it was never officially signed.

It appears to be a he said-she said conversation at this point. Yorton claims the management company told them the they had a tenant willing to sign a twenty-five year lease. However, the property owner reps deny the claim.  While no official closing dates has been announced, the seems to be quite a sparring match going on between the property owner rep and a Facebook Page named, Center Armory.

Whether this is just a matter of public negotiations between the two sides or the end of a legendary bar once named, "one of the top 125 places in the world to have a beer before you die" by All About Beer Magazine, you probably shouldn't take any chances. If you haven't visited the Blue Tusk, better do it soon, if you have been it may be time to take one more run. You certainly don't to miss an opportunity to visit a bar with this slogan.

Reality is a hallucination caused by the lack of good beer and fine wine.

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