UPDATE: 11/03/2015 11:08am  Although the Redeemer Church polling site is now active, one voter tells WIBX that the polling site was indeed down for more than an hour.  WIBX has contacted the Oneida County Board of Elections for confirmation.

UPDATE: 11/03/2015 9:18am  The clearing of a downed power line on Herkimer Road in Utica is having no effect on voting at a nearby polling site.

Authorities are on the scene on Herkimer Road in Utica, still clearing a downed power line that was on fire earlier this morning.

Jordan Karp with the Oneida County Board of Elections says that voters are being allowed to park and vote at the Redeemer Church polling site.  Utica Police, he says, have not completely closed the road.

Karp says that power is still on at the site and that, even if it goes out, their machines have battery-powered backups.  The situation, he says, is "not ideal but voting is ongoing."

Original Story:

A downed wire is being removed from Herkimer Road in Utica.

The presence of emergency vehicles may be impacting one of the polling sites located at Redeemer Church, located at 931 Herkimer Road.

Utica Fire Department officials are at the scene.

Authorities say that any road closures are temporary and the scene is expected to be cleared this morning.