It truly is remarkable to see all that has happened and is happening in Downtown Utica. From the brand new hospital being erected to the incredible transformation of the Adirondack Bank Center at the Utica Memorial Auditorium, you can see we are on the brink of a thriving new city.

The sights you are seeing downtown currently is not the first time the city has seen steel beams and columns being installed to build a new structure. The City of Utica, NY Facebook page posted a #tbt post yesterday showing the construction progress of the former Sheraton Inn in the late 1970s. You know the old Sheraton Inn! It eventually became the Radisson Hotel and is currently the Delta at Marriott. Our area is no stranger to hotel construction and revitalization as may have sprung up around the area in the last few years.

The increase in hotel construction is in anticipation of several other major projects that will hope to bring people and jobs to the Utica-Rome area. We have seen an incredible amount of progress everywhere from the base at Griffiss to Herkimer County. With Orgill, Cree, the new Wynn Hospital at Mohawk Valley Health System, Tractor Supply and Amazon setting up shop, I believe the city will continue to flourish. Some people who live in the city and surrounding areas are used to disappointment and broken promises, but the construction is real, the movement is real and the progress is indeed being made.

While these photos below showed what some claim to be false promises, I think the photos we can see of the progress being made in 2021 is a future fulfillment or those years of promises.

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