The Frankfort-Schuyler School Board presented it's final plan to residents, the $17.5 million budget is about $120,000 lower than this year's budget. If passed, residents within the school district will face a 9% tax hike, the closure of the West Frankfort Elementary school and the elimination of 10 fulltime positions, 5 through attrition. 

The other 5 positions set to be eliminated; two custodians, an elementary teacher, and a forgeign language teacher. Two other full-time teaching positions will both be reduced to part-time.

 A decrease in State aid contributed to the district's $1.2 million shortfall. Frankfort resident Jerry Plow addressed the school board at last night's meeting, telling the board "There's no winner in this situation, the students don't necessarily win.  I think the only win is that we have a budget that's balanced the best it could be." 

West Frankfort resident Mark Liberatore also had a chance to address the School Board, saying "They pulled the reins back with the government, with the money situiation, and you guys panicked because you didn't have a back-up, and now as a result, the house is on fire and now, the whole West Frankfort school is obliviated."

By closing the West Frankfort Elelmentry School, the School Board projects a net savings of roughly $500,000.  The budget goes up for vote May 17, 2011.