No texting. No tweeting. No pictures. No phones are allowed at any Kevin Hart show. No joke. Over a hundred people found out at Hart's recent Syracuse show, when they were kicked out for not following the rules.

150 people were escorted out of the War Memorial last week, according to the Times Union. Hart also stopped in Albany where several no cell phone announcements warned of the consequences.

Further announcements warned that 150 people had been thrown out, with no refund, the previous night in Syracuse, and periodic updates mentioned the rising toll of ejectees from the TU Center. Throughout the more than two hours of performance by Hart and his three opening acts, abundant security guards roamed the aisles, often aiming powerful flashlights at real or presumed offenders. Each eviction and its resultant arguments detracted from minutes of the performance for the scores or hundreds of people in the vicinity of the bounced patrons.

Anyone even caught looking at a cell phone may be taken out of a Hart show. The rules were posted at Mass Live from a recent show:

No texting, no tweeting, no talking, no cameras, no recording. We have hired extra security (per the tour) to make sure no one is on their phones. If you are found with your cell phone out, you will be - per the instructions of the show - ejected from the event. Please keep your cell phone in your pocket or purse during the event. In order to make sure the evening goes smoothly, we request you abide by this policy.

If you find that you absolutely must use your phone, please go into the concourse area and out of the arena bowl. We all know that things happen and others not at the event may need to reach you.

One fan did manage to get off a picture of the cell phone rules and post it on Instagram before the show started.

Excellent idea or extreme?

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