One of the big questions every year is whether or not we will look up to the skies during the Boilermaker post race party and see the thoroughly impressive fighter jets or helicopters. The answer this year is yes and it is sure to be one hell of a show.

Boilermaker officials announced Thursday morning that they have partnered with Senator Joe Griffo's office to secure a contingent of Air Force and Army participation. The plan is to put on a flyover show that may be one of the best this city has ever seen. Boilermaker President Mark Donovan says,

The Boilermaker is honored to be in a position where our country’s Air Force and Army are collaborating to put together very special and unique flyovers to help us celebrate the achievements of our over 14,000 participants on Sunday.

The plan is to feature both Air Force fighter jets and Army helicopters to do a combined flyover air show. The sights and sounds are sure to be an incredible addition to an already amazing party.

Senator Joe Griffo says,

The flyover is always memorable, and this year’s event will be a unique experience for those attending the race. I appreciate the team that we assembled to undertake this initiative and all their hard work. They deserve our gratitude for helping to make this flyover a reality.

Boilermaker Sunday is by far one of the best days of the year for the City of Utica. It is an opportunity for people who were born and raised here, but moved away, to come back and see family friends. In fact, many family reunions are held around Boilermaker weekend. What other city gathers thousands of people for running, free beer and awesome music? Nobody does it better than Utica and Senator Griffo and Boilermaker officials just made the party a whole lot sweeter.

The Boilermaker road race is scheduled for this Sunday, July 14th, with its 15K presented by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield and 5K presented by Utica National Insurance Group. The races culminate with the iconic Saranac Post Race Party. Make sure to keep your eyes to the sky when the National Anthem is sung at the post race party. You won't believe your eyes.

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