Everyone's talking about the 100 inches of snow that's fallen in Syracuse, New York but that's nothing compared to one upstate New York town. Redfield in the Tug Hill Plateau is already over 300 inches this Winter.

The small town saw 10 feet in 10 days this month alone, to bring snow totals to 318. 9 feet more and they'll break the record of 424.5 inches set in the Winter of 1996/97.

What does 318 inches of snow look like? Carolyn Yerdon, a National Weather Service Weather Observer in Redfield for 21 years shared a picture in front of her house. "300" and still snowing in Redfield NY! Open those record books. Here we come. Just need 125" more!"

Carolyn Yerdon
Carolyn Yerdon

The average snow fall totals in Redfield are 288 inches. That's enough to cover homes and stop signs. Forget shoveling your driveway. In Redfield they're shoveling roofs but Carolyn says you 'just have to embrace it.'

Check out all that snow for yourself on live webcams at NorthernChateau.com.


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