Moving or installing a tree stand might seem easy enough (hold my beer!) but it's one of those things you might want to leave to the professionals—especially if you enjoy having fun in your spare time, instead of doing chores so you can have fun later.

This is one of the things Gerry at Heritage Logging will take care of for his clients. Gerry, who has been hunting since he was a kid, is kind of like a landscape architect for the woods. He'll help you find a good spot to move or install a tree stand, taking into account potential sight lines, shooting lanes and feeding areas.

He'll also keep an eye on the surrounding timber, looking for valuable trees that might be worth logging and great places to add trails around the property. The majority of the time, hunters are walking through good timber that can be harvested to fund other improvements on the property (or give the owners some extra cash.)

His approach is a little different: Many loggers will harvest anything and everything that would catch a good price, but Gerry takes the care to consider how the surrounding trees will grow and develop 10 or 20 years in the future. Maybe a smaller tree would be far more valuable if given more time to grow or maybe removing several smaller trees would affect hunting, deer and wildlife.

He'll also consider if you want to use the land to hunt deer, rabbit, pheasants or other game. Each prefers a different habitat, so of course, you might have to adjust how you care for the land accordingly. He's happy to act as a consultant before you purchase a piece of property, helping you evaluate whether the parcel is well suited for your goals.

Heritage Logging

Gerry and his team of four also provide other important services:

  • Emergency tree removal: If a storm knocks over part or all of a tree in your backyard (or onto any of your structures,) his team will remove it safely. They also can provide temporary repairs to any damaged portions until those repairs can be permanently made.
  • Equine logging: This is a very specialized practice, but in some situations, the best method for removing high-quality timber without damaging the surrounding vegetation involves draft animals.
  • Residential tree and stump removal: Whether you need one tree removed or have a dozen or more to remove to make way for a pool or other improvement, Heritage Logging can handle the job. They'll also evaluate the timber to see if it's worth selling it.

Ready to get started? Call Heritage Logging at 315-796-2941 or fill out the contact form here.

P.W. Creighton/TSM