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Upstate New York (WIBX) - Homeowners throughout Central New York are surveying the damage done to their property in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, including fallen trees.

Holly Wise, with the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County, says the sustained high winds last night may have damaged trees, making them dangerous in the future.

"If your trees are close to your house or close to where your vehicle is parked, and then if it's been weakened or torn in its trunk and there's rot there, you may want to get that taken down so it doesn't do any further damage," Wise said.

In the case of a broken branch, an uprooted tree or a split trunk, leave it alone until it's been documented.

"You want to make sure that no wires came down with it and see if it did any damage," Wise said. "If it did do damage to like a shed or whatever, you would want to contact your insurance. So, you don't want to move anything right away if it has done damage to your property."

Once the damage has been assessed, trees can either be removed or saved. If a branch or two has broken off and its leader branch remains in tact, the tree can recover. But, if the tree has suffered extensive damage or its roots are exposed, she suggests you contact a certified arborist.

For a list of certified arborists in the area, click here.