Technology is designed to help us and make things easier. But when you rely too much one on thing, it could always come back to bite you.

Back in 2018, a new law went into affect requiring all new vehicles being made to have backup cameras installed. So even if your car still doesn't have one, you'll definitely see it in the next one you buy.

Credit - Canva
Credit - Canva

I can still remember going to take my drivers test and being told I couldn't look at the rearview camera. Well I'm pretty sure my 2002 Toyota Corolla didn't have one to begin with, but it seems pretty self explanatory right?

Obviously you shouldn't be only relying on a camera when driving. It makes many aspects of driving safer, like seeing if there's kids behind you, but maybe we are banking too much on the feature.

Teen driver focusing on backing out of driveway

Sometimes it's less on the camera, but more on the beeping noise that tells you how close you are to something. I'm guilty of it! I backed into my fence at home, thinking my car would tell me when I was getting close.

In my defense it was 3am, I have awful parking and the fence was chain link. But regardless... it's a prime example of over-relying on technology to drive.


It makes you wonder what else "down the road people" might over-rely on when driving.

What About Phones?

With more people on their phones, they'd rather text than pay attention to the road. I bet you can all think of multiple times when someone was holding up traffic because they were on their phone. If you don't... maybe that's because it was you.


Phones are another thing I can admit I'm guilty of. No, I don't text and drive. But I was trying to call my friend when backing out of my parents driveway... and apparently I didn't see the car behind me.

I guess my kryptonite when driving isn't other people or road conditions, it's stationary objects minding their own business. And of course... me.

Man looking at mobile phone while driving a car.

From myself and everyone else, just put the phone down when you get into the car. The text or call can certainly wait until later. And when it comes to backing up, try this... actually looking behind you and not just at a camera.

It could save you, someone else... or even your car from unnecessary dings and dents.

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