Summer months in the Adirondacks here in New York might be more painful than you remembered. Watch out for these nasty, small, black bugs that bite and cause pain for two weeks.

What are the nasty, small, biting, black bugs in New York?

Solutions Pest & Lawn via YouTube
Solutions Pest & Lawn via YouTube

Unfortunately, these little buggers bite. They make your skin extremely itchy and painful.  And no, they are NOT mosquitos. No-see-ums, or Biting Midges, will be here before you know it in New York State. They are a seasonal bug that usally make their appearance during the early parts of summer. Have you ever heard of them?

Those annoying bugs that you are swatting at could be No-see-ums. How would you know? It's actually difficult to spot at first:

You usually never even see these super tiny and annoying bugs but if you've ever found a bunch of red spots on your legs or arm after you were relaxing outside, good chance No-see-ums found you.



How is a No-see-um bite different than a mosquito bite?

Here are a few differences in how these bites look and feel according to

1) Mosquito Bite: 

- You can typically see a mosquito when it is on your body.

- Their bite welts might be puffy but are fairly flat.  As long as the scratching doesn't start, the bite will disappear in a day or two.

- Mosquito bites are typically isolated.

2) No-see-um bite:

- Because of their size, you may not notice when the insect is on your skin.

- Bite marks will appear a day or more after the insect bit you.

- The pain of a No-see-um bit is more painful.

- The bites will usually look like multiple red dots in a cluster and will slowly get larger into raised welts and could be 2 inches in diameter.  The welts can be noticeable for 2 weeks or more.

It is evident when a female biting midge has landed on your arm, leg, neck or face, as this insect is capable of producing a very noticeable bite. Her mandibles are equipped with exceedingly sharp teeth that can slice into the flesh of most creatures, and are capable of expanding to allow her to clamp onto a piece of flesh sizeable enough to encounter a surface capillary. Once the individual locates a source of blood, it begins to suck this fluid into its mouth with a straw-like appendage."

Learn more about these creepy crawlers if you've never heard of them online here.

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