Wendy's just dropped a new 50 piece nugget bucket and we need it like yesterday.

Do you like chicken nuggets? That's a ridiculous question because the answer to that is always going to be yes unless you're dead. Even if I'm dead I hope they have nuggets on the other side.

I'd like to say that I like to use my kids as an excuse to get chicken nuggets but I get them when I'm by myself. While the McNuggets from McDonald's were what I always got as a kid I have grown very fond of the Wendy's nuggets - especially the spicy ones.

Does a 10 piece nugget sound like enough? Sure! But 50 of them sounds even better.

This is called the Nuggs Party Pack. It comes jam packed with 50 chicken nuggets and you can get them regular or spicy. I first learned of this glorious item last week and I have been seeking it out since then.

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So far I haven't had much luck in the Capital Region. So I was wondering if maybe it wasn't available here in New York. It turns out that you can, but it would require a road trip for us.


You can only get them at a location in Bath, NY, Evans Mills, NY and a few places on Long Island. Either way those locations are hours away from us. You can actually use the Wendy's map to see how close you are.

It also looks like there is a location close to Ithaca, NY - but it's unclear if it is over the Pennsylvania border or not to me.

Please, Wendy's bring that Nugg bucket to Upstate New York so I can indulge in this once in a lifetime event.

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