Could you ever imagine coming face-to-face with a kangaroo, crossing a road in upstate New York?

Andy Lederman shared his extraordinary experience with Tad and Polly from our sister station Big FroBig g 104. It occurred this week as he was driving Route 96 in Trumansburg - not far from Ithaca.

''I was driving down the road, and the thing jumped out of the woods leaping really high. I was like that's not a deer, that's a kangaroo!! I'm like, 'Did I just get transported to Australia?''

''I thought at first it was gonna come through my windshield. It proceeded to hop in front of my car. I was kinda freaked out because he wouldn't stop staring at me'', Lederman said.

It's believed the kangaroo had escaped from the Trumansburg Fair, The Ithaca Voice reported.

The story continued with a man as presumably his handler or a fair employee tried to wrestle the wild wallaby back into captivity.

''He started approaching the kangaroo in a weird way, and I'm like, 'What's this guy gonna do?''

Another man came to assist, as Lederman explained, and tackled the animal:

''I looked up in my rear view mirror...and the guy was laying on his back kicking and flailing while this kangaroo mounted him and just beat the heck out of him - clutching him and kicking him...I was laughing so hard because the kangaroo obviously didn't wanna be messed with that day,'' Lederman said.

Lederman joking tells Tad and Polly, ''You can go see the kangaroo at the Trumansburg Fair if want. I'm not gonna go.''

I guess that face-to-face encounter was more than enough kangaroo fun for now.



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