Create your own masterpiece by having sex on a canvas. The ALLURE ART kit offers everything needed to make a one of a kind painting by making love.

ALLURE ART wants couples to create beauty together and realizes how popular this could become, "People say the average person thinks about sex every six seconds... after all, sex is life and life is art."

Most of the paintings created result an abstract piece resembling Jackson Pollock's work. Hang it in your home afterwards and have it be a fun secret between the two of you to giggle at forever.

It comes with three washable and non-toxic paint colors of your choosing, a canvas and plastic covering, complete with slippers and a loofa to clean up afterwards. Spice it up and get creative with your Valentine this February 14th.

You can order the kit on their website, or possibly even create a DIY kit at home. Don't forget to use washable paint!

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