Studies show that both men and women are putting in more working hours than ever in addition to logging more office time. But which sex is working longer and harder?

That’d be the fairer one.

Software recruiting firm Bullhorn, Inc. conducted a survey of more than 5,000 workers and the results found that 54 percent of women say they work more than nine hours per day, while only 41 percent of men responded that they work more than nine hours a day.

The survey was not meant to differentiate between the genders, but as the data was analyzed, this difference became obvious.

Additionally, thanks to advances in technology, people are working and staying connected to their offices and co-workers via smartphones while on vacation, with 68 percent of women admitting to doing so, whereas only 62 percent of men admitted to doing the same.

Twenty-one percent of men revealed that they were not sick the last time they called out of work, while 14 percent of women called in sick when they weren’t.


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