Assemblyman Brian Miller joined members of the law enforcement community and colleagues from the state legislature for a rally at the State Capitol in Albany on Monday to call for the repeal of recently enacted bail reform laws.

Miller says since the new laws took effect on January 1st, communities across the state have been on alert as criminals are released without bail, only to end up being arrested for new crimes shortly after their initial release.

“Since this negligent and dangerous law went into effect, individuals who have previously been convicted of dangerous, violent crimes have been set free after new arrests. Many have committed additional crimes immediately upon their release. There have even been instances where an offender has been arrested for a crime, and subsequently released, three or four times in one day because of this dangerous new law,” said Miller, who voted against the measure in the 2019 State Budget.

He says the hands of law enforcement officials are tied, public safety is in jeopardy and the law must be repealed so that public safety can be restored.

Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol was one of many Sheriff's from across the state who attended the rally.

photo courtesy of Assemblyman Miller's Office
photo courtesy of Assemblyman Miller's Office

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