The gun show organizer who cancelled an upcoming show in Clinton joins the Keeler in the Morning to discuss why he pulled out, and addressed the bigoted comments made on his blog.

Last week, Dave Petronis called off his New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates show planned for this summer at the Clinton arena, saying he was told he'd have to pay $8,300 for security because of expected protests outside the Clinton Arena.

Petronis, 75, has done this type of buy-sell-trade show in Clinton for more than 20 years, he said. But earlier this year, a group called No Gun Shows Near Our Clinton Playground - which had previously objected to the gun show's allowance into the community and its location - pointed to Petronis' blog saying they didn't want their village associated with his racist, sexist and anti-muslim views.


After Kirkland town officials said they'd 'review' their contract with Petronis came word he'd have to pay a hefty security bill if he still wanted to host his show.

''All they had to do, seriously, is to say, 'Hey, we don't want ya' here.' If you don't want us there, we're not goin'. Simple as that'', Petronis told Keeler in the Morning.


Petronis said in his year's of doing shows, there were only a 'few' times he'd dealt with protesters, and only recalled one previous instance of having to pay for security - approximately $1,000, he said.

''I don't see why I should [have to pay for security]. You wanna protest, get a permit - do your thing, let me do my thing. Protests are fine, but stopping legitimate business is another thing,'' Petronis said.

On his blog comments Petronis said: ''Am I a racist? I don't think so.''

To get feel for some of the ugly, racist, anti-gay (and other groups) comments on Petronis' blog, here are a few comments isolated by the Utica Observer Dispatch in their editorial urging the Kirkland board to Tell Patronis to go someplace else:

“Are Target Stores really on target with the white and black cooking and dancing together? Is all this pushing for ethnic and racial equality silently burning people up inside? ... I’ll talk to the party at the adjoining dinner table or bar stool. I don’t care what color or race they are ... But I don’t want my family genes mixing with another race to try to repopulate the world into one color as Hollywood must see it. Black and white makes gray and I see no reason to step back in time.”

Another post, entitled “The Final Solution,” discusses putting people into internment camps and rails against liberalism.

“We again are in a world war. As in the 1940′s there are still pacifists, atheists, religious zealots, homosexuals, child molesters, illegal aliens, and all other sorts of fringe beings roaming free in America. The difference today is they have merged into the main stream, they know how to garner media attention and they have open agendas with friends in high places.”

Regarding the comments above, Petronis told Keeler in the Morning that he did not specifically remember making them, but acknowledged if it had his name on it, he likely did. From there he went on to defend some of those viewpoints.

His defense included: ''I don't believe in interracial marriage. There I said it. Am I racist [for saying that], I don't know?...My contention is it's not fair to the children,'' Patronis said. He also expressed his opposition to  gay marriage - while also claiming he had many gay business associates and family members.

Does he plan to come back to Clinton next year? Take a listen:

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