The building inside and out is very ornate, it also is very historic. Some of its history goes toward the scary side of things, it actually is haunted.

So the New York State Capital Building isn't just where monumental bills have been passed, and memorable speeches have been made. The Albany building has a little bit of a dark side too. Just the feel from the outside is almost gothic in nature. That doesn't change when you enter the stunning building. It is dim and just as ornate with plenty of stone. That stone gives the building what is already a cold feeling.

Empire State Plaza Events
Empire State Plaza Events

There is a story of one tour guide leaving for the night and seeing a dark figure suddenly in her peripheral vision. What is creepy about that is the fact the figure was falling. The backstory is of a man who was broke and at a rough point in their life jumping four stories inside the Capitol Building to their death. When the guide saw this, they actually were standing at the spot the death had occurred.

There are dozens of stories like that. Another from includes a mural painter who worked painstakingly on memorizing murals inside the walls of the Capitol. Murals that eventually were destroyed in a fire from the early 20th century. Distraught over the fact they could not be salvaged, the artist took their life. It is said his presence roams the halls.

Apparently too there is a watchman, long passed on from this world, that is heard "locking up" from time to time. The jangling of keys or turning of door handles can be heard often. His memory is permanent not just by his soul walking the halls of the building, but also by a plaque on the premises too. This watchman passed away in the building after attempting to save many documents during the fire mentioned above.

In total, there are 65 stops on the New York State Haunted Trail, the NYS Capitol holds a place firmly on that list. And the stories above aren't the only ones you'll hear or possibly even encounter on a tour. If you're interested in a tour, according to the New York website, there are free tours on weekdays daily from 5 pm to 6 pm. Reservation of a tour is required though. More can be found here.

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