When you think New York State foods, you probably can name a dozen amazing choices. However, apparently we don't love all of the food here.

Have you ever heard of the dating app called Hater? This app pairs people up based on the things both parties hate. Food Network reports that the app has created a map, reflecting their data compiled from its users, that reveals the foods people in each state hate most.

New York State's most hated food is.......

Ranch on Pizza.

Yes, you read that right. According to this app, New York state residents hate when you add ranch to your pizza the most:

Also, a food-hatred-map-based word to the wise: Don’t dab pizza grease with your napkin in Virginia or reach for the corner piece of a brownie in Maryland or put ranch dressing on your pizza in New York and expect to find a big group of like-minded friends."

Some interesting foods across the country people hate are as followed: Texas hates steak well done, California hates Chick-Fil-A, Florida hates licorice, and New Jersey isn't a fan of gas station wines. You can read the full breakdown online here.

What do you think? Are they right? Is ranch on pizza the most hated food in New York? Is it a food crime? Or are there far worse foods and food crimes in our state? Let us know what you think when you text us on our station app.

Honestly, there are far worse food choices out in New York than ranch on pizza.

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