With the summer season here, the Utica Fire Department is reminding residents that the City has a 'No open fire or burn ordinance.'

Chief Russell Brooks says that includes open burns, fire pits, outdoor fire places and other fire related activity.

If the Utica Fire Department has to respond to an open burn or fire pit, the owner will have to put the fire out and repeated offenses will result in an appearance ticket.

Utica's Municipal Code regarding open fires is below:

SEC. 2-22-15 Open Fire.

(a)  No person shall set on fire or burn or cause to be set on fire or burned any combustible or inflammable materials or substances of any kind in any street, yard, lot or public place.

(b)  This section shall not prohibit the use of UL listed outdoor fireplaces, barbecue grills or similar receptacles used solely for the purpose of cooking food for immediate human consumption and operated so as to not endanger safety or create a nuisance. Only generally recognized materials, such as charcoal or propane gas may be used as fuel for such purpose. All such receptacles shall be placed at least 10 feet away from any dwelling and shall not be operated on any front porch, back porch or deck that has a roof covering it. All such receptacles must also be at least 20 feet from any public right of way. Anyone having such a receptacle must also have a fire extinguisher on the premises.

In any event that the Utica Fire Department is called to an open burn or smoke nuisance, they will advise the owner/occupants to extinguish the fire.  For repeat burning at the same address an appearance ticket could be issued by the Fire Marshal’s Office for violating the city municipal code.

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