A new law in Florida allows police to issue tickets to people who are deemed to be playing their music too loud inside their car, so could that happen here in New York?

Starting today (July 1st) police in Florida can issue fines to cars that are playing music that can be heard from over 25 feet away. You could face a moving violation fine and penalty points on your driver's license.

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The law also states that you could be fined for playing sounds louder than necessary near locations like churches, hospitals, or schools as a non-moving violation.

So what about here in New York? How many times have you been stopped at a red light and a car or truck pulls up to you and the music is blasting. You can feel the music before the car even stops and all you hear is the sounds of that music playing while you wait for the light to change.

Currently, in New York, there is no law that allows you to be fined for playing your music too loud while inside your vehicle. If you are blasting your music, police could fine you or arrest you for Disturbing the Peace.

Under the current "Disturbing the Peace" Penal law, Unreasonable noise could lead to a fine or arrest. "Unreasonable" would be left up to the judgment of the police officer on the scene.

If you are somewhere and find the music to be too loud, you can lodge a complaint using New York State's 311 services.

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