To kick off National Consumer Protection Week, New York Attorney General Letitia James is releasing the list of the Top 10 consumer fraud complaints received by her office in 2019.

The AG’s Office found that internet-related complaints topped the list for the 14th year in a row, with 4,436 complaints last year.

Rounding out the Top five list of complaints were consumer-related, automobile, landlord-tenant disputes and utilities.

The rest of the Top Ten were credit, retail sales, home, mail order and online and mortgages.

James reminds consumers in addition to being vigilant, they should report instances of fraud to her office.

“Consumers who have helped identify and report issues to our office have been invaluable partners in our efforts to stop deceptive scams and will be vital in our efforts to stop fraudsters dead in their tracks going forward. My office will continue to use every tool at its disposable to protect New York consumers and enforce our laws,” said James.

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