Albany, NY (WIBX) - Sweeping reforms are said to be taking place in New York State's Office of Mental Health, and one of those changes includes a change in leadership.

OMH Commissioner Michael Hogan opened what amounts to a letter of farewell on the departments's website by saying that "(b)ecause of a planned transition that will soon be announced, this will likely be my last OMH News message as Commissioner."

Hogan, who was appointed during the administration of Governor David Patterson, went on to say that the agency has "the strongest team of any state mental health agency," one equipped to handle "...a period that will see the most dramatic changes in health and mental health care since the state's mental health system was formed."

He referenced the evolution mental health in New York, making specific note that "...(w)hen the Utica State Asylum opened in 1843, there was no health system."

Governor Cuomo's office has not yet released information on his replacement.  Local legislators had referenced dealings with Commissioner Hogan when debating the closure of the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center, but there is no word on whether those conversations played any part in his retirement or resignation.

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