ALLEGANY, N.Y. (AP) — If you see a giant fish with a snout like a canoe paddle, New York wildlife officials want to know.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is asking anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to report paddlefish sightings. The primitive fish, related to sturgeon, can get up to 6 feet long or more.

Native to southwestern New York, paddlefish disappeared from the state over a century ago due to dams and pollution. They're now protected.

The state started stocking them in 1998 to the Allegheny Reservoir, Chautauqua Lake and Conewango Creek. Two have been caught in the Jamestown area in the last two years.

DEC is asking for the public's help with recovery efforts by reporting paddlefish sightings.

To report a sighting, email or call 716-379-6374.