UPDATE: 4:04pm  Police are warning the public to be aware that there is a heightened vehicle theft alert for all of Oneida County.  A shelter in place order is being issued for the Town of Westmoreland as a manhunt is underway for a suspect believed to be armed.

New York State Police stopped a car for speeding near the Westmoreland Toll Booth near Exit 32.  The car went through the toll booth and crashed into a guide rail.  Two suspects ran from the vehicle; troopers were able to catch one.  A second suspect fled on foot and is at large.

The suspect is believed to be seventeen year old Devon Brantley.  He is a black male, about 5'7" tall wearing dark shorts and no shirt.  Police think that he may be carrying a .45 caliber handgun.

Residents are urged to stay indoors in the area of the New York State Thruway and Westmoreland.  Police are advising residents to keep doors locked and report all suspicious activity to 911.