Nowadays, you expect to see almost anything. I am not sure if it is because we are all still feeling a bit cooped up or if we have totally lost our minds, but either way, what I witnessed at the grocery store the other day had me not only rethinking the vegetables I buy, but also the level of humanity we are surrounded by right now.

So, what has me all twisted up that I feel the need to share? Simple, this past weekend while I was in the Tops grocery store in New Paltz, I witness a person give themself the equivalent of a facial with three or four bundles of fresh herb, and then only buy one.

Let me clarify what I saw. I actually watched a person take off their mask, reach for a bundle of fresh herbs, stick them in their face for a big sniff, and repeat this process until they found one that smelled I guess how they wanted. This person then put back the bundles they smelled that they didn't want. Then, they put their mask back on and went about finishing their shopping.

Green herbs on a window sill
Carly Hennigan

I actually had to do a double-take because I thought "I can't be seeing this for real." I must be missing something I thought. And then when the person walked away, I realized, nope that was real and I am not getting any veggies today.

I decided against approaching this person to ask why they thought it was ok to face plant into a bundle of fresh herbs that someone else might buy and eat without cooking. But the reason I held back was out of fear that I would open the conversations with something along the lines of "are you F#*($& kidding me? Did you really just rub fresh produce all over your face and then put it back?"

As I went on about my shopping, I got to thinking more about it and wished I had said something to them. So instead, I am going to share it here. I wish I had said:

1 - Did you really just take off a mask to smell fresh herbs?

2 - Do you not think you are leaving germs behind on that fresh produce?

3 - Is it necessary to put your whole face into the bundle so that the herbs not only touch your face they are actually getting in your hair?

4 - And lastly, would you want to buy a bundle of herbs that some stranger just gave themselves a facial with? Why on earth do you think it is okay to smell them all and then put them back on the shelf for someone else.

Everywhere on the news, we are being told the COVID numbers are going back up. Obviously, this person is worried about COVID if they are wearing a mask where it is not required. What is also obvious is that they aren't worried about others, because if they were, they wouldn't be leaving their germs to fester in the grocery store herbs. It is that kind of thinking that will have us all dealing with this virus and others for a long time this winter.

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