Police were searching for a missing man along a river when the search turned into a gruesome discovery. Six bodies including that of a young child was found.

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The bodies were found in the St. Lawrence River in Akwesasne near the United States and Canadian border on Thursday. In an article by Samantha House of syracuse.com, it was reported that the horrible discovery was made the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s territory that is partly in New York state, as well as in Quebec.

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Still Searching For Baby

Akwesasne Mohawk Police, deputy chief, Lee-Ann O’Brien, reported that police are still searching for a missing baby who was believed to be with the group that died. O'Brien told reporters that the six deceased people were trying to cross from Canada into the United States. The bodies have not yet been identified. The deputy chief did say that the deceased appeared to be from two families: one of Romanian descent and one from India.

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Getty Images

Missing Man Still Not Found

Deputy chief O'Brien told the reporters that the missing baby appeared to be part of the Romanian family. O'Brien said that five of those found dead were adults. O'Brien added that a child, that appeared to be younger than 3 years old, was the other body found. That child was reported to be a Canadian citizen. O’Brien said that police are continuing to search for the infant and any other possible victims. The man that police were originally searching for remains missing. The missing man's boat was found near the bodies. Police continue the search.

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