Sure, kids can be a handful sometimes, but a second grade teacher in Colorado may have taken things too far when she allegedly taped the mouths of 28 students shut because they were being noisy.

According to the teacher, she jokingly taped the students' mouths to keep them quiet in the library at the Fulton Academy of Excellence in Aurora. She also claimed that students asked her to use the tape. Police interviewed the teacher after the incident and decided that, in fact, no crime had been committed.

Some parents, however, disagree. "My daughter’s been in the house crying, begging me not to send her back to school,” said mom Tenisha Bynes. "She said that she’ll do good in home school and she promises. She doesn’t want to go back to a public school."

One unidentified student described the punishment as painful. "When she put it on, it was like, okay, and then, like, it started to hurt my mouth," said the student. "It's also hard for me to breathe with the tape, too."

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave and the school district is in the process of conducting their own investigation. "We do not condone any inappropriate adult conduct toward students, and we cooperate fully with the police," said spokeswoman Paula Hans.

This isn't the first time a teacher has been under fire for pulling this type of disciplinary stunt. What do you think? Was this just a harmless joke or was the teacher being a bully?

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