Senator Joe Griffo of Rome, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, says he's stable and currently only dealing with symptoms similar to seasonal allergies.

Griffo, who tested positive this week and is now in isolation at his home in Rome, said "this virus is serious and a real threat" and people should follow the advice of the health department. He said he has no idea how he came in contact with the virus as he's practiced social distancing and followed the advice of the CDC and the New York State Health Department.

"I was careful like you were," Griffo told WIBX's Bill Keeler, who also followed health department guidelines. Still, Keeler contracted the virus back in December and spent about a week with moderate symptoms but was not hospitalized. Keeler's wife and daughter also contracted the virus.

Griffo, own the other hand, hasn't spread the virus with his family so far. While he has tested positive, his wife who is a local school teacher and his elderly mother both have not contracted the virus.

"Based on the symptoms you're experiencing," said WIBX's Keeler. "Would you have felt that the symptoms you have experienced so far would have prompted you to get a COVID-19 test?"

"No," said Griffo. The slight or asymptomatic symptoms would have gone unnoticed as allergies and he wouldn't have gotten tested, he added. Experts say, those who are asymptomatic still transmit the virus when they come in contact with unvaccinated people.

Griffo said he will be quarantined for 10 days.

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