The Rome Police Department was just awarded $80,000 in grants for the addition of much needed equipment and personnel courtesy of State Senator Joe Griffo.

Griffo, Rome Mayor Jackie Izzo and several representatives of the Rome Police Department gathered at City Hall this morning to be introduced to the newest addition to the force. "Spock" the K9 officer was one of the benefits of the huge state funded grant intended to benefit law enforcement agencies. In addition to Spock the department received a specialized vehicle for the dog.

The grant money also allowed for a new license plate reader which would allow officers to scan every license plate that passes to check for suspended licenses, active warrants, and more. Finally, the grant money will send several officers to receive special instruction on the handling of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Training. All of these new acquisitions are essential to helping the Rome PD to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Many of the items are quite expensive. The dog and vehicle alone cost over $50,000. According to Rome Police Chief Kevin Beach it's hard to justify this expense to taxpayers. Chief Beach says "That's a lot of money for us to go back to the public and ask them to basically give that up in tax dollars." These designated state funds alleviate that burden for the people of Rome.

This announcement came on the anniversary of a somber day for Central New York law enforcement agencies. It was 11-years-ago today that New Hartford Police officer Joseph Corr was killed in the line of duty. Senator Griffo began his remarks with a moment of silence in memory of Officer Corr.

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