In New York like in any state, some laws can be a little tricky to understand. When it comes to stop sign laws, a whole new level of confusion is added.

If you've recently headed into, let's say, the New Hartford Shopping Center, you've seen yield signs or stop signs every so many feet. Of course, that is to provide safety to pedestrians entering local stores or leaving them.

Are People Wrong For Ignoring Those Stop Signs?

In fact, no. No, they are not. New York law states, if a shopping complex is not owned by a local municipality then stop signs act like more of a suggestion. If a Police Officer was to witness someone running one of those stop signs, their hands are tied and in reality, they can't give you a ticket.

You Still Could Get Ticketed Legally Though

While the police may have their hands tied, they could write you a citation only if the owner/operator of the complex is to actually call and place a complaint.

That does not mean there is now an invitation to run all parking lot stop signs, use parking lot etiquette. There are a few rules for that according to Ticket Snipers.

  • Obey Speed Limits
  • Use only one space (don't hog two)
  • Don't hold people up waiting for the perfect spot.
  • Use your blinkers
  • Drive the correct way on one-way lanes.

Any other funky laws we should know about? Hit us up through our station app, we'd love to hear about them.

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