We’ve all thought at one point or another that life is too short to maintain a relationship with a toxic person, and there might be some real truth to this. A study out of the University of Copenhagen suggests that stressful relationships with family, colleagues or friends could increase your risk of premature death.

The study examined the lives and relationships of nearly 10,000 people between the ages of 30 and 50 for more than a decade. Participants filled out questionnaires about close relationships with children, relatives, romantic partners, friends, co-workers and neighbors to determine which relationships caused conflict or concern and how stressful that was.

After the researchers examined how stress influenced all causes of death, they found a link between frequent conflicts and an increased risk of dying during the study’s time period. The participants who regularly had relationship stress with partners or friends more than doubled their risk of dying. They also found that even worrisome or demanding relationships with partners or children increased participants' risk of death by about 50 percent.

That stress can cause health issues isn't new information, but this study indicates that demanding and worrisome relationships, as well as those that cause frequent conflicts can really have significant health consequences. This means that resolving conflicts quickly and in a constructive way is important for maintaining physical health.

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