On which city's roadways do GNA listeners dread mingling with other drivers?

If we are being completely transparent with each other, we know how we rate the other drivers around us.  Each of us individually is the best driver in the Capital Region and well, on the planet. Every other person on the road just sucks at driving! Am I right? Which pretty much means we are all great drivers, or we are all terrible - depending on how you look at it.

Regardless of how we feel about each other's individual driving skills, there are five Capital Region cities and towns that collectively rise above the rest when it comes to the areas that have the worst drivers.

Let me say this about these rankings: there was nothing scientific or data-driven about them. The results are purely based on the gut reaction of GNA listeners when they were asked "What local town/city has the worst drivers?" And honestly, that is the only way to get honest real-world results on this topic. Cause we are all experts on driving. right???? So here they are - the worst of the worst in the Capital Region...

Capital Region Cities & Towns With the Worst Drivers

Driving in the Capital Region is not fun in a lot of spots, and there are the worst cities and towns when it comes to 'other drivers" according to GNA listeners.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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