Just when we thought we had the problem under control, a resilient insect has made its way back into our home's pantry.

The Pantry Moth or the Indian Meal Moth was a problem for us about 6 months ago and we almost completely got rid of them. Now, these disgusting bugs are back with a vengeance.

Pantry Moth trap by Black Flag. Photo by Bill Keeler / TSM

Over the winter, we completely emptied our pantry, threw out everything stored in cardboard, and completely sterilized the food closet. Then we added traps we purchased at Lowes that are specifically for Pantry Moths and it seemed like we were in good shape. Then, we started seeing the traps were collecting more of the moths.

Pantry Moth trap by Black Flag. Photo by Bill Keeler / TSM

Shortly after the dead moths started showing up in the trap, we discovered the container the moths were using as their home. It was a container of granola that was stored in what we thought was an air-tight plastic jar we purchased specifically to combat the bugs. It turns out, the container wasn't air tight after all.

An "air-tight" container filled with granola and infested by Pantry Moths. Photo by Bill Keeler / TSM

The "air tight" container of granola turned into a breeding ground for the moths and their larvae. Either the larvae were able to crawl into the container from the top, or the granola came from the store with the moth eggs already in it.

We've discarded the granola container and we've thrown everything out that isn't an aluminum can, a sealed container or heavy plastic. Interestingly, the moths and their larvae can eat through plastic bags and make their way in under screw-on lids.

We've also added new Blag Flag traps which will work long-term to kill off the bug's offspring.

We'll have an update in a few weeks. We're crossing our fingers that this will be our final battle with these pesky pests.

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