Who knew that TikTok hacks could apply to almost any situation in life? One mother used a parenting hack that she saw on the social media platform to locate her missing son.

TikTok user Danyelle, shared a video of how one hack helped her family find their son when he went missing on their Walt Disney World vacation.

"I saw this a couple of months ago on TikTok," Danyelle said in the video. "If you lose your kid, don't call your kid's name, just start screaming what they were wearing."

In her case, she shouted in the Disney crowd that her son was wearing a green hat and Under Armour shirt. In less than four minutes he was found and returned to his parents safely.

The mother explained the situation in more detail during a follow-up video. She and her husband were in Hollywood Studios with their son Cory when the unthinkable happened. While walking through the crowd, Cory thought that his father was in front of him and his mother was behind him, as they normally walk in that order. However, he was ahead of both of them. When the parents realized that he was missing, they walked backward thinking that he was left behind when in reality he was ahead of them.

"I literally cannot thank you enough for this tip it’s because of you that we found my baby so quick!!!!" Danyelle wrote to Jess, the TikToker who originally posted the tip.

Jess dueted Danyelle's video about her scary situation and added that parents should dress their children in bright colors, write their names and phone number on the child and take a photo of their child in their outfit for the day before going out.

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