Here's a guy who loves what he does.

While filming a BBC show on California's Moss Landing, host Steve Backshall cuts off an interview he's doing after he gets word a blue whale has been located in the water.

To say he's excited would be like saying people were taken aback when Kanye West announced his plans to run for president.

I can see it now! The largest ever known to have lived on our planet, larger than any of the dinosaurs, a creature we hunted so much that 99% of its numbers disappeared is right here, right now, live!"

Perhaps the only thing more amazing than the sight of this majestic sea creature is Backshall's boundless awe and enthusiasm.

Of course, we can understand why Backshall is so fired up. Numbers for blue whales, which at 200 tons are among the largest creatures in Earth's history, have been increasing after its numbers dwindled in the early 1900s.

We actually feel badly for the woman he was interviewing. Her big TV moment was sabotaged by a whale and the guy interviewing her.

Backshall certainly embraced the reaction to his reaction:

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