The Utica Zoo is getting a $25,000 grant from the Utica National Group Foundation.

The grant will be used to renovate the American Bald Eagle exhibit that was built in part by a grant from the Utica National Group Foundation in 1989.

In addition to adding a new nest that will bring visitors to eye-level with the eagles Fred and Ginger, the exhibit will be completely renovated with repairs to the netting, a new holding area, rebuilding of perches and a new watering hole.

A special educational section will also be included that will teach children about the diet, flight, nesting and parenting of the American Bald Eagle.

Zoo Director Andrea Heath talks with WIBX about the upgraded Bald Eagle exhibit and the new Culture Fest.

The Utica National Group Foundation will also present the sponsor of a new Cultural Festival that celebrates the diversity of Utica's citizens and highlights the homelands of the zoo animals that are also the homelands of many Mohawk Valley immigrants.

"The Utica Zoo is grateful to Utica National Insurance for partnering with us through their foundation for these important initiatives." Executive Director of the Utica Zoo Andrea Heath said. "Having a cultural festival that matches our diverse community with the animals of their native lands has been a dream of mine since I joined the Zoo team in 2011. To bring people from the Mohawk Valley together to celebrate with our newer community members through food, dance and animals will be a great day of togetherness for our region."

The culture festival will be held at the Utica Zoo on August 29, 2015.


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