If you thought it was safe to pack away the cargo shorts and tank tops, you might want to wait.

December is supposed to be a time for temperatures falling, frozen windshields, and winter skull caps. Instead, so far in December, we have had some balmy days. Just this past Saturday in fact many cities and towns in Central New York saw temperatures hit slightly above 60 degrees. For Utica, that actually broke a record by one degree. This late autumn heatwave isn't done breaking records though.

This time last week, we were seeing a few inches of snowfall and temps in the low 30s, fast forward to Thursday, December 16th and it might feel like a late summer day outside. According to the National Weather Service on Twitter, it is possible to see record-breaking temperatures. This might not seem like the biggest deal on paper, but the record will be by a lot.

In fact, we might see a record temperature in Utica broken by 10 or more degrees if it gets warm enough according to WKTV. The record all-time in Utica for December 16th currently is 53 degrees. That record-setting temperature was set nearly 40 years ago in 1982. Forecasted for tomorrow, we should be seeing 61 degrees for a high. Although it will be much warmer than normal tomorrow, it very likely could feel a little gloomy.

The National Weather Service is saying we will be cloudy for the majority of the day with a good possibility of showers coming around the time of sunset in the afternoon.

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