Marcy, NY (WIBX) - Defense and prosecuting attorneys in the New Jersey webcam spy trial assert that Dharun Ravi's sentence was unfair.  The defense says that the imposement of jail time is too harsh.  The prosecution says that Ravi should have gotten more than 30 days. 

We asked our listeners what they thought.

As of today forty percent say that the sentence was fair, 46.7% say that it was too lenient, and 13.3% says that it was too harsh.

Many listeners had comments.  One, Joe, said the "...judge put it well. [I]t wasn't a hate crime just bias and stupidity. 30 days for a mistake contributing to a death? Nothing for the defense to complain about. A arsh sentence would also subtract from the conversation about the many complex reasons gay teenagers kill themselves.  It's oversimplified if the media says this guy caused it."