Utica, NY (WIBX) - It's been busy in Central New York and the Mohawk Valley, as businesses and homeowners continue to dig themselves out from more than a foot of snow brought in by Winter Storm Euclid.

Tasha Hammon is the manager of Fastrac in Marcy. She says she's had problems at the store all morning with the snow.

"[I] got here at six o'clock, [and there was] like a foot of snow on the sidewalk," Hammon said. "Spent an hour shoveling... three times now."

She says the store's parking has also posed problems for customers, as some have complained about the lack of plowing or gotten stuck.

Gino Geruntino, WIBX

Those who prepared for the storm stocked up on milk, bread and rock salt. Gas was also a popular item.

Other residents, like Rob Jordan in New York Mills, is happy to see the white stuff, though not to shovel it.

"It's nice to have it, I guess," Jordan said. "Kind of Christmas time, brings in the season. But, it's a lot of work, man."

He also says the exercise is nice, but only for a little while.

"Hopefully this is the end of it," Jordan said. "I'm going to sit inside, relax and eat."

Several municipalities, including Utica, remain under a snow emergency and are urging drivers to be careful until snow can be removed and the roads are cleared.